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 Luotu Elokuu 20 2020 13:00 PM

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The Telegraph - Telegraph Online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph - Telegraph

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Latest news, business, sport, comment, lifestyle and culture from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.

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title Telegraph
description Latest news, business, sport, comment, lifestyle and culture from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.
type homepage
site_name The Telegraph
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  • [H2] Opinion
  • [H2] News
  • [H2] Business
  • [H2] Sport
  • [H2] Life & Style
  • [H2] Arts and Entertainment
  • [H2] News in focus
  • [H2] Spotlight
  • [H2] In depth
  • [H2] Education & Careers
  • [H2] Cars
  • [H2] Film & TV
  • [H2] Travel
  • [H2] Women
  • [H2] Food & Drink
  • [H2] Gardening
  • [H2] Fashion & Beauty
  • [H2] Culture
  • [H2] Luxury
  • [H2] Health & Fitness
  • [H2] Recommended
  • [H3] education
  • [H3] GCSE results Surge in top grades after U-turn
  • [H3] Revealed The grades inflated the most by teacher assessments
  • [H3] Live Results day Exams pass rate rises with steep increase in English and maths grades
  • [H3] Live Politics Ministers were assured Ofqual algorithm would be fair after July warnings
  • [H3] The future of universities ‘I don’t think I am getting my money’s worth at the moment’
  • [H3] news briefing
  • [H3] Russia Opposition leader in intensive care after airport tea 'poisoning'
  • [H3] Manchester Arena bombing Brother of attacker jailed for minimum of 55 years
  • [H3] 'Reality show' Obama denounces Trump presidency
  • [H3] Live Business US jobless claims jump back above 1m
  • [H3] exam stress
  • [H3] Comment My daughter lost her place at Oxford – what GCSE fate awaits my 'annoying' son?
  • [H3] The ugly truth about exams Ofqual has used an algorithm since 2011. And I resigned because of it
  • [H3] Inside story How an algorithm created A-level chaos
  • [H3] Coronavirus
  • [H3] Live Covid latest European cases climb as Germany records highest daily infection toll since April
  • [H3] Live Travel Race home from Croatia begins, as Portugal prepares for travel corridor
  • [H3] Exclusive Croatia to go on UK's quarantine 'red list'
  • [H3] Pakistan Scientists mull mystery of falling Covid-19 death rates
  • [H3] film
  • [H3] The lies that built The Bridge on the River Kwai
  • [H3] money
  • [H3] Advice 'I own 50 funds and have a £400k foreign pension – how do I plan my retirement?'
  • [H3] Victory for pensioners Judges say inheritance tax doesn't apply to gifts made in ill health
  • [H3] Britain is about to be sucked into a catastrophic economic doom loop
  • [H3] The law is no protection against modern tyranny
  • [H3] The BBC needs experts – not celebrity podcasters
  • [H3] The BTEC results delay will go down terribly among the Tories' Red Wall voters
  • [H3] Britain must stand with the US against Iranian tyranny
  • [H3] America's soaring stock market underlines the need to buy British
  • [H3] The grades U-turn caused a ripple effect throughout education - it could be catastrophic for unis
  • [H3] Alex cartoons: August 2020
  • [H3] Letters to the editor
  • [H3] Boris Johnson needs to get a grip on this rudderless Government
  • [H3] The Telegraph View
  • [H3] The PM must give us our confidence back
  • [H3] The SNP can scent an opportunity
  • [H3] Obituaries
  • [H3] Ben Cross, established stage actor who was best known for the film Chariots of Fire
  • [H3] Konrad Steffen, glaciologist who sounded the alarm about rapid melting of Greenland’s ice
  • [H3] Tiny Italian village overwhelmed by tourist interest after free holiday competition goes viral
  • [H3] Michael Gove suggests Scots living in rest of UK could vote in second independence referendum
  • [H3] Fear of offending obese people 'will bankrupt health service and social care'
  • [H3] Kim Jong-un calls rare congress for North Korea's ruling party
  • [H3] UK racing ahead of world as reopening fires up economy
  • [H3] Serious Fraud Office told to gear up for onslaught of pandemic fraud
  • [H3] Four million Britons with Huawei phones risk their devices becoming obsolete
  • [H3] Gmail goes down: Google services crash for users worldwide
  • [H3] Premier League fixtures 2020-21 in full Find out each matchday schedule here
  • [H3] Flexible start times confirmed for third Test between England and Pakistan to maximise playing time
  • [H3] Exclusive: Arsenal to sign Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes on five-year deal
  • [H3] Forget the derbies, your bitter rivals and first likely points - the key fixture for Premier League fans is on October 3
  • [H3] Leeds United agree new contract with Marcelo Bielsa
  • [H3] Colin Graves interview: 'If we turn our back on The Hundred, it will be a huge mistake'
  • [H3] Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI review One of the great GTIs
  • [H3] Who needs France? Northern England's beaches rival the Côte d'Azur (seriously)
  • [H3] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the subtle art of looking 'well put together'
  • [H3] My pub trip with Rev Richard Coles for homestyle cooking in the local parish
  • [H3] The bodysuit is back - here's how to wear it in a grown up way
  • [H3] My transgender diary 'I absolutely love being normal. Then again, I’m clearly not normal'
  • [H3] Lockdown proved that more of us want to buy British – with beef and chicken top of the shopping list
  • [H3] CoronaVision How lockdown changed the future of TV
  • [H3] How to recession-proof your property when you buy, sell or invest
  • [H3] There Are No Fakes, review An unexpectedly dark film about an artwork that wasn't what it seemed
  • [H3] Chariots of Fire made British film unbeatable – then we ran out of breath
  • [H3] Tiktok's payola problem Who's being paid, for what?
  • [H3] Reported Missing, episode 2 review An agonising search for two dementia sufferers
  • [H3] Army testing hybrid technology on two types of armoured vehicles
  • [H3] Dr Jill Biden Meet Joe Biden's wife and rock behind his campaign
  • [H3] Planet Normal David Davis: We don't need to be world-leading, we just need to be competent
  • [H3] Keep calm and eat an orange a day, says Britain’s oldest survivor of Covid-19
  • [H3] Larry Ellison takes on nemesis Bill Gates with TikTok bid
  • [H3] Browse our vast collection of recipes from the Telegraph's award-winning columnists
  • [H3] A place for stories of support, community spirit, optimism and social connectivity
  • [H3] Sign up for our newsletters and get the work of your favourite writers sent straight to your inbox
  • [H3] In-depth analysis and captivating reporting from our writers around the world
  • [H3] Live GCSE Results Day 2020: Exams pass rate rises with steep grades increase for English and maths
  • [H3] Home-educated children left abandoned in exams grade debacle
  • [H3] Driverless cars are coming soon, and will bring a host of ethical and moral dilemmas with them
  • [H3] Volkswagen Passat GTE on long-term test: does a plug-in hybrid offer the best of both worlds?
  • [H3] The lies that built The Bridge on the River Kwai
  • [H3] What’s on TV tonight: Criminal Kids: Crime & Punishment, Red Dwarf: The First Three Million Years, and more
  • [H3] Live Travel news: Race home from Croatia begins, as Portugal prepares for travel corridor
  • [H3] Family barred from rejoining cruise ship after breaking coronavirus rules
  • [H3] My daughter lost her place at Oxford – what GCSE fate awaits my 'annoying' son?
  • [H3] More than half of female prisoners have no settled home to go to on release
  • [H3] My pub trip with Rev Richard Coles for homestyle cooking in the local parish
  • [H3] The best functional kitchenware, from solid pans to sharp knives, according to chefs and food writers 
  • [H3] Gardening in August: What to plant and tidy in your garden this month
  • [H3] Best hammocks to buy for your garden 
  • [H3] The supermodels remember George Michael’s ‘Freedom! ‘90’ video, 30 years on
  • [H3] Hair and beauty body urges hairdressers to comply amid fears of a second beauty lockdown 
  • [H3] Jesus Christ Superstar, Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, review: all hail theatre’s Second Coming
  • [H3] Gary Lightbody interview: ‘Had this happened a few years ago, I would have sat at home drinking’
  • [H3] Why 'post-Covid rehab' is the latest wonder treatment for anxious billionaires
  • [H3] Inside the historic Jamaican villa where Madonna is thought to be celebrating her 62nd birthday
  • [H3] Six things I learned about food while eating to put on muscle
  • [H3] My transgender diary: 'I absolutely love being normal. Then again, I’m clearly not normal'
  • [H3] The best smart bulbs to light up your life
  • [H3] The seven best portable air conditioners 
  • [H3] The best secateurs for pruning your garden
  • [H3] We've noticed you're adblocking.
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